The first step is to turn the computer on and a black screen will apear on the monitor. Wait untill the message appears briefly at the bottom of the screen.

Step two, from the boot up screen message you will know what key to press to enter into the Bios setup, this is usually F2 but other keys can be used to enter the bios and this will depend on the type of machine. Press F2 to enter into the bios setup program.


Step three consists of pressing the F2 or other key for the pacific machine untill the Bios set-up screen is showing. Once the bios set-up screen is showing go to the Boot Option tab and change the boot sequence to CD-ROM as being the first boot device. To navigate to the CD-ROM < and > keys would need to be used.



Step four save the configuration changes and exit from the Bios set-up or CMOS set-up Utility by pressing F10 key and follow by pressing the enter key for the save to occur.