Install a CD drive

I am going to install a CD drive. The fist step is to remove the computer case and examine the data cables running from the computer’s motherboard to the CD drive. If the drive’s cable is small then the computer uses SATA drives although if there is a wide flat ribbon cable then the computer uses IDE drive’s.

The second step I will take is to identify the power cables that move the power from the computer’s power supply to the drive. The drive either uses a SATA power cable or a Molex power cable, the SATA power connectors are most of the time black whereas Molex connectors are most of the time white. Both cables only fit one way which means that they can’t be confused for each other.

The third step is to add the new drive but if it is necessary that the old drive needs to be removed then its power and data cables need to be unplugged, the old drive needs to be unscrewed from the case or it needs to be pulled on its rails and it needs to slide out of the front of the computer case. If I’m adding a new drive to a computer which has a vacant drive bay I can skip this step.

The forth step is to set the new driver’s jumper to match the old driver’s setting of the jumper either Master or Slave. If I’m adding a second new drive I will need to set its jumper to Slave.

The fifth step is attaching the rails to the CD drive and then sliding the new Cd drive into the front of the computer, if the drive doesn’t use rails then the drive will need to be screwed into place. A vacant drive bay is required and this is an opening to where the disk drive normally lives.

The sixth step is to connect the drive’s data and power cables, the plugs will only fit one way so I will not force them to force them.

The seventh step is to replace the computer’s cover, plug in the computer and turn it on. When windows boots up it should recognize the new or replacement DVD drive