Installing a Sound Card

First step is to ensure that you require a need for a sound card as nearly all moddern computers have sound cards built into their motherboards. To check if you have a sound card you need to look fo the speaker jacks on the back of the computer. But sound cards are only necessary if the user needs audiophiles and recording studio computers or if older computers do not have it built into them.

Step two, power doen the computer and remove all of the cables. Place the compter on its side on a table with the ports on the back closest to the table. The ports are connected to the motherboard meaning that having them close to the table will allow the user to get to the motherboard when the case is opened.

Step three, remove the side pannel on the computer. Most new cases these days have thumbscrews buy the user may require a Phillips head screwdriver as the screws run down the back of the computer. Remove the pannel on the opposite side of the motherboard and set it up.

Step four, make sure that you have grounded yourself, do nottoch metal as you may discharge any eletrostatic buildup and this may leed you to run the risk of damaging the components.

Step 5, clean the dust by using comprested air.


(The sound card is the black card see in the image above)

Step 6, to install the sound card locate the PCI slots, they are typically white and there may be 1-5 of them. These slots line up along side removable panels that are on the back of the case.

Step 7, remove any existing sound card. If you are removing an old card first then having the two cards installed at the same time will lead to hardware problems. Remove the screws securing the card to the case and pull the card directly out of the slot.

Step 8, insert the new card, make sure that the notches in the slots line up with the card pressing them firmly stright down. Don’t force the card into the slots and ensure that the ports on the back line up with the bay opening.

Step 9, secure the card with screws by putting one into the metal tab and this will secure the card to the computers chassis.

Step 10, connect the sound card to the CD/Drive. Some older types may connect to the CD/DVD drive with a smaller cable.

Step 11, Close the case by returning the side pannel to the computer and securing it. Plug the cables back in.