Connect speakers/headphones and a microphone


Step one locate the computer’s audio-out port, on desktop PCs this port is found usually at the back of the CPU whereas iMacs have 3.5 millimeter headphone jacks on the back of the monitor.

Step two is finding the microphone jack, it is the same size as the headphone jack of 3.5 millimeters and it usually has an image of a microphone next to it. If connecting a device for a separate microphone input then the microphone port will need to be known. The USB ports can double as an audio-in connection.

Step three, determine whether or not a converter is required. If you have a new set of speakers and are using them with an old computer then an optical to RCA adapter may be needed as the computer will only support RCA or headphone input.

Step four, plug your device into a power source if required. Speakers and condenser microphones will highly need a power source, this may be a wall socket or computer’s USB port.

Step five plug the device into the computer, the devices main unit should have an audio cable which allows it to plug into your audio output port.

Step six test the device, play videos or music to find out if the audio output is working, try to make a recording with the microphone.