Task 1 – Install the hard drive as primary master

I am going to install a hard drive as primary master. Firstly I am going restart my computer, I will watch the initial boot screen carefully for when it displays and I’ll tap the necessary keys to over ride the booting process. These keys will either be delete or F2 and these keys need to be pressed a several times before the operating system starts up. If this step is done correctly I will see the BIOS setup screen appear if not I will have to repeat the step again. Secondly I will enter the password and press the “Enter” key if the computer prompts the need of a password. Thirdly I will navigate to the CMOS Setup and I will press enter, this will send me to the first BIOS screen also known as the basic screen. Step four consists of in the CMOS menu finding the hard disk and the primary master selection, this done by pressing the enter key to detect and configure the primary hard disk an this is made in the master drive. Step five consists of moving the cursor to the primary slave selection, press enter again which will make the system repeat the same process for the second drive but instead making this for the slave drive. Step six consists of pressing F10 key to save the changes done. When exiting the setup the utility the computer will restart, if the computer doesn’t restart I will manually restart it.