Task 3 – Testing

Test Predicted result Actual result Steps remedy problem Solved problem?
Keyboard The keyboard will work well and have no issues. The keyboard was working perfectly. Not Applicable. Not Applicable.
Anti-virus The anti-virus software will detect the virus. The Anti-virus blocks the virus. Not Applicable. Not Applicable.
USB ports are located on the back of the computer case. The USB ports will work well. The USB ports located on the rear of the case did not work. The correct drivers for the USB ports need to be installed. By restarting the computer that problem was solved.
Head Phones Headphones will work when plugged in and the sound card drivers are installed. The OS was not restarted after the driver was installed therefore the head phones did not work. Restart to the OS, take out the head phones then re-plug them back in. The problem was solved.
Mouse The mouse should work perfectly fine. The mouse doesn’t seem to be working. Restart the OS. The problem was solved by restarting the PC.

Questionaire for D2